7+ years of experience in Blender with proficiency in precision modeling, low-poly modeling, rigging, UV mapping, and procedural texturing.

Detail, accessibility, and ergonomics are the three pillars of my approach to 3D design. I aspire to explore a wide variety of ideas that can be translated into a three-dimensional digital setting that closely resembles our real-life surroundings.

As a content producer, I place a high priority on delivering “ready-to-go”, quality content to marketplaces for clients around the globe. An endless road of exciting challenges serves to perpetually motivate me to elevate my work to new heights and further evolve my workflow.


I began my journey into the 3D modeling world primarily as a means to further improve my skills as a traditional artist by studying different angles and perspectives within Blender. After getting familiar with the software, I found myself dedicating more time to it. In the early years, I would end up purchasing more models from marketplaces rather than use my own for personal projects, much of which being of varying quality. 

My shaky experience with overall model quality in the market (and scarcity in many areas) inspired me to toss everything I had purchased and model things myself from the ground up. It has been both a challenging and rewarding experience, and I strive to continue to produce and sell quality models to clients everywhere.